It allows you to harmonize your figure on some localized areas of fat deposits in a completely natural way. This method is non-invasive and requires no anesthesia. Some cells are more sensitive to cold than others, luckily it is the fat cells.
Following a long put under cold, adipocytes (fat cells) destroy themselves and definitely eliminate the weeks following the meeting.
Cryolipolysis CRISTAL ™ does not replace in any case a diet because losing weight will be only minimal, however, it may be associated. All areas of the body can not be treated by against some of these areas have better results:
+ Belly
+ Love handles
+ Horse Panties
Other areas can also be treated in men and women.
This treatment is intended for patients with excess fat in a localized area.
Contrary to popular belief, CRYSTAL Cryolipolysis ™ is not a treatment for cellulite (orange skin) fat but a cooling process which eliminates the last naturally and permanently.The CRISTAL implements apoptosis of fat cells that are more sensitive to cold. At low temperatures (-8 ° C), they die and the body gradually eliminates them in a perfectly natural way. The CRISTAL is to date the best representative of the medical Cryolipolysis device .

The CRISTAL is devoid of any consumable and uses new cooling system that allows the practitioner to define customized treatments parameters to his patients. The CRISTAL is medical CE certified (CE 93/42) and can treat two areas simultaneously. Today, a variety of 7 different applicators are available to treat any fat rolls of the body.

Discover the latest of the series: the Amethyst applicator for the treatment of  » saddle bags  » has been patented in 2015 and will guarantee you spectacular results.



Deleo CRISTAL – Saint Raphael France (Photo by Tony Barson/

Non-invasive cooling of subcutaneous adipose tissues induces a lipolisis phenomenon ; This is a

decomposition of adipocite cells, allowing to remove cellulite and excessive amounts of adipose tissue, without removing other tissues.

Such methods have been validated by many experts in the field :

Very cold temperatures under control allowing safe and efficient criolipolisis. Picture1























  • 8 sensors that can permanently control the treatment parameters.
  • Sensor for measuring the fatty folds into the hand piece.
  • Double emergency stopping system for the patient and for the operator.
  • More than 50 000 treatments conducted in worldwide.





The physician applies a first step, on the area to be treated, a protective gel applied to a wipe.Picture7

The handpiece consists of an oval silicone applicator is applied to the area to be treated. The transducers cool very strongly the fat pad on an area of ​​about 25 cm long and 8 cm wide. Aspiration positions the fat deposits and cooling begins. The cooling period lasts about 70 minutes. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to read, listen to music or relax.

Once the session and handpieces removed, the doctor or assistant will massage the treated area for about ten minutes.


During the session, one can feel a sensation of pulling and pinching of the skin during the

handpiece placement. Then after a few minutes of cooling, soreness. At the end of the session, then you can resume your normal activities. You can have a feeling of fatigue during treatment CRISTAL ™. This treatment is slightly painful and very little traumatic.











The results are not immediately visible because the fat cells are gradually eliminated by the immune system.

From 4 to 6 weeks, you can see the results, but you will continue to eliminate up to 3-4 months after the act.

Treatment CRYSTAL Cryolipolysis ™ is safe, non-invasive and very little painful.

This technique selects fat cells and does not affect the surrounding tissues. Side effects are mild such as redness, bruising or swelling of small as well as numbness in the treated area.

These effects disappear naturally within hours or days and you can continue to live normally.

Good hydration (8-10 glasses per day)

Having a healthy lifestyle, including a nutritional standpoint.

Exercise daily (30 minutes of walking per day minimum)

Avoid drinking alcohol or coffee during lymphatic drainage process

It is also advisable to combine types of treatments lymphatic drainage, draining massage and anti-cellulite creams.